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A kidney transplant from a living donor would be a gift of years of life – can you help?

Debra and Wayne have been Southern California residents for all of the 37 years they have been married. Their three sons grown, a rag-doll cat Wilson is a constant companion.

Of their three sons, two live in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, where two cherished grandchildren are also located.

Debra continued to work as a healthcare risk manager without renal symptoms until 2018 when she retired. Soon after, she experienced blindness in her right eye from a loss of blood flow in her optic nerve. Though less than half of patients with a similar condition recover their eyesight, Debra’s vision returned about two months later.

Debra’s thankfulness for this recovery was followed by the news that she required extensive surgery for an abdominal tumor. Debra was again grateful when the completed procedure identified a Stage 1 cancer that did not require chemotherapy or additional treatment. She was glad the colostomy she required after surgery was needed for only three months, when an additional operation was completed. 

Debra and Wayne planned their first retirement travel six months later, thrilled for the opportunity to enjoy a vacation after the medical adventures of the previous year. 

On return, however, Debra’s kidney specialist communicated that her kidney function had decreased. Debra was referred to a transplant center to be evaluated for kidney transplant. 

Having worked in hospitals for over 30 years,  Debra is aware of the hardship and complications  of dialysis.  She is also aware of  the thousands of people waiting for kidney transplants across the country.

Now facing indefinite dialysis,  Debra is even more deeply aware of the distance to her two grandchildren, Ethan (nine) and baby Sydney, just four months.  Dialysis will make travel to them difficult, if not impossible,   She knows the impact of dialysis on her retirement hopes with Wayne for classes, volunteer work, travel and time with family and friends.

Finally, she knows that though dialysis is the only treatment (besides transplant) for kidney failure, it is a treatment that will decrease the quality and length of her life.

A kidney transplant from a living donor would be a gift of years of life – can you help?   By sharing this website link with family and friends, you may help Debra find a greathearted donor.



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