Here’s How You Can Help

Your help could be exactly what is needed to find the right donor for Debra. That donor  could be someone at your work, in your neighborhood,  in your family or at your church.  But if they don’t know about Debra’s need and the opportunity to safely be a living donor, they won’t be found.

There many ways that you can help find Debra’s donor:

  • Email this website to friends and family  
  • Share this website on your Facebook page
  • Text Debra’s website to your neighbors
  • Mention Debra’s story when you meet for coffee
  • Share this website with colleagues at work
  • Provide this website to your church or synagogue, or club
  • Tell Debra’s story to those you encounter at your salon or gym
  • Ask Debra for flyers and business cards  to make available at your business
  • Post this website on newsletters
  • Post a a sign in your yard (Debra will be happy to share one with you)
  • Put one of Debra’s website bumper stickers on your car
  • Contact Debra with your suggestions, ideas and support


Do you wish to find out if you can be a kidney donor?

(Identify Your Recipient as Debra Starr-Knecht. You’ll need to contact Debra by email for her date of birth.)

Get Started

“People who get a transplant often have more energy than patients on dialysis. Most can go back to work, eat and drink more freely, and return to exercising.”